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According to the citizenship and immigration Canada rules, they have introduced new kind of visa called Parent and Grandparent Super Visa. As per now, visitors are only eligible to stay for six months and for staying longer they have to pay more fees and apply for the extension. But with this new kind of visa, they will have to pay lesser fees without any hassle of renewing it and paying extra money. It is beneficial for those who are seeking to visit their permanent or Canadian resident child in Canada. They have the benefit of extending it up to 24 months. It is basically a multiple entry visa, valid for up to ten years. Here we are helping you in knowing that what eligibility you require to apply for Super Visa Insurance, please check the below mentioned points:

  • You have to go through proper medical assessment and have to clear all your health justification.
  • You must be applicable for every entry to Canada.
  • You have to also provide the evidence of the parent/grandparent relationship to the Canadian citizen you are visiting. Proper relationship proof needs to be there.
  • There must be a proof of Private Medical Insurance from any Canadian Insurance Company.
  • That medical insurance needs to be valid for minimum one year from the date you are going to enter Canada.
  • It should cover the candidate for health care, repatriation and hospitalization.
  • The insurance must provide a minimum amount of $100,000 coverage.
  • It also must be valid for your each entry to Canada.
  • Examination officer can review your insurance at any time they want to upon request.
  • Letter of Invitation should be there from the host for your entire duration you are going to stay in Canada.
  • There must be a proof of income of the host as well.

Buying a policy from Canadian insurance company will give following benefits:

  • Canadian insurance company at time of claim will be able to interact directly quickly to hospitals or doctors to pay claim much faster.
  • They can even pay direct.
  • Insurance companies have nice infrastructure and stability to rely up on to pay bills.
  • All insurance companies have re insurer to cover or even pay bills on their behalf if required.


Refund For Early Return

If parents or grandparents decide to go back before their Super Visa expires after 12 months, a prorated refund is available. You only pay for the months they stay in Canada. Note:- Partial refunds are possible, only if there are No Claim(s) on the policy.

What is Deductible

Deductible means the portion of eligible expenses you must pay from your own pocket when a claim occurs. When applying for medical insurance, you can choose one of the following deductible options: $0, $50, $75, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $3,000, $5,000, $10,000. The cost of your Super Visa insurance depends on the deductible you have chosen. The higher the deductible, lower the insurance premium you will pay for the policy: the discount may be 5% – 45% depending on the deductible amount and the plan.

What if I have a Pre-Existing Medical Condition

Your parents or grandparents can choose a plan that covers pre-existing medical conditions or one that excludes pre-existing conditions, depending on their needs and budget.

What if Super Visa Refused

If Super Visa refused you will get the full premium refund. You will have to provide proof of the rejection of your super visa application in order to process the cancellation request.

What if I have a pre-existing medical condition

It depends on what type of pre-existing condition visitor have. If all condition cover under plan then after couple of question and answer you will able to buy super visa insurance.

Which Type of Insurance is Better : Deductible or No Deductible

This all depends on the amount of risk you or your loved ones want to assume. For example, if you buy a plan with a $1000 deductible, it means you will pay the first 1000 each time a claim is made. The policy will only pay for expenses over and above this amount. If you pick $0 deductible, the full amount will be covered by the insurance policy.

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